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Transfer wealth to your heirs TAX FREE and ensure your legacy lives on.

Leverage the same secret strategies elite billionaires use to transfer wealth to their heirs and pay almost ZERO taxes on generational wealth transfer...

Transferring wealth to heirs usually comes with dire challenges for high net worth entrepreneurs

Estate and inheritance taxes can be significantly higher for multi-millionaires compared to most other people. They can significantly reduce the amount of wealth that your heirs end up receiving.

Now that’s something nobody wants. After all, you didn’t hustle for so many years, build a thriving business, and accumulated assets only to give half of it to the IRS in taxes, rather than giving it all to your heirs.

Not only that, but protecting your assets is also crucial as a high net worth entrepreneur. Lawsuits, creditors, and liability pitfalls can all act as a potential threat to your assets, and you must build a proven structure and working strategy to preserve your wealth for your future generations.

Experienced tax advisors can help you navigate the complex laws and ever-changing regulations surrounding wealth transfer, so you can explore different wealth transfer strategies and pay little to no taxes on generational wealth.

Let our team of expert tax advisors and accountants walk you through our proven, little-known wealth transfer process that lets you transfer your wealth tax free and completely forget about crippling tax gift limits. 

There is a reason why the ultra-rich pay less in taxes on wealth transfer and easily preserve their legacy for many generations…

Phil Knight, CEO of Nike, cycled millions of Nike shares through a series of trusts that effectively moved billions of dollars worth of capital gains from his estate to his heirs, tax free.

Joseph P. Kennedy’s fortune spans approximately 30 family members, and he has been able to pass down his wealth almost tax free. By leveraging a labyrinth of trusts and foundations, as well as proven tax structures, Kennedy has legally avoided overpaying on taxes.

But these are not normal trusts. These are very specific trusts and foundations, coupled with other secret vehicles and strategies that ensure that elite billionaires’ wealth is effectively preserved and passed down to future generations, TAX FREE.

The top tax advisors at Together CFO can play a vital role in helping multi-millionaires like you plan for the transfer and preservation of wealth, while navigating complex tax and legal landscapes… and transferring your hard earned assets to your heirs without any taxes.

Book a call with our accounting and tax experts to leverage the same strategies the ultra-rich have been using for generations to stay ahead of the IRS in the game.

Protect, grow, and transfer your wealth with Together CFO’s proven strategies

As we always say, the team that has got you where you are today, isn't going to be the same team that takes you where you want to be in the future.”

And the reason is simple: they don’t even know about these hidden structures and the proven strategies used by elite billionaires to pay ZERO taxes on generational wealth and preserve their legacy for decades.

But Together CFO is different. We provide you with trusts and foundations a proven, personalized strategy so you can protect your assets and transfer your wealth to your heirs with peace of mind and confidence.

By leveraging our expertise trusts and foundations, you can rest assured that your heirs get all your assets, investments, properties, and more without worrying about complex laws or agonizing taxes, and legal fees.

The best part is… our process is completely transparent and obligation-free. Simply book a call with our team of accounting experts and discover how we can make your wealth transfer process hassle and tax free.

Together CFO has the proven systems, processes, and strategies  – all under one roof

The founder of Together CFO, KC Chohan, is a columnist in Forbes and featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News, NBC News, and more…

With Together CFO, you have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of a world-class team of accounting experts led directly by KC.

We have been leveling the playing field between the elite billionaires and high net-worth individuals (multi-millionaires) since 2016. The remarkable results that we have produced over the years for our clients give us the confidence that we can help you achieve the same.

The best part is… our process is absolutely transparent and there is no confusion. Simply book a call with one of our experts to walk through the process without any obligation.

Transfer your wealth to your heirs tax free with the best accounting firm and tax preparation services

Nobody does what we do here at Together CFO, the way we do it. With us, you get a tailored strategy from beginning to the very end – including the creation of wealth.

We create a proven structure that covers the 4 major areas


Making sure you have solid and clean books is the foundation to having financial piece of mind, so you can make better financial decisions.

Strategic giving

Having the right team around you enables you to make better financial decisions for your company and your family

Advanced Asset Protection

From protecting you against potential lawsuits to minimizing tax obligations, maintaining privacy, and diversifying your assets, we have you covered.

Legacy Creation /
Generational Wealth

Build a meaningful legacy. Through strategic financial management, we empower you to make impactful decisions that will benefit you and your future generations