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Advanced asset protection strategies for high net worth business owners.

Leverage the confidential methods billionaires use to safeguard their assets against lawsuits, potential creditors, liability pitfalls, and other financial hazards…

Don’t wait until it’s too late… protect what is yours with proven strategies, used by the elite for generations

As a high net worth entrepreneur with significant wealth and assets, you are a target for lawsuits and creditors, rightful or not.

You could be facing financial challenges such as business disputes, family disputes, medical malpractice claims, litigation risks, personal injury lawsuits, and more… putting your family's wealth and assets at a greater risk.

To protect your assets against unforeseen circumstances and threats, it’s important that you create a strategy before it's too late. 

Experienced tax advisors and accounting experts at Together CFO can help build a customized, proven strategy to shield your wealth effectively.

It’s about protection, privacy, and peace of mind - The “3 P's”

You’ve built a thriving business and are making more money than most people in your network. This is the reward of your years of hard work, and you deserve to reap the fruits. But this also means that you now face several privacy issues related to your financial affairs, and need a higher level of advanced protection.

One of the major issues you face is the risk of public exposure – which can be damaging to your reputation and attract unwanted attention from fraudsters and other malicious actors.

Exposure means cybersecurity threats as well, which deem you vulnerable to hacking, identity theft, and other forms of cybercrime.

Not to mention the litigation risks and family disputes that put your financial security and privacy in jeopardy. For example, as a high net worth individual, litigation costs can range from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, because the stakes are high and more resources are required to defend the case.

This doesn’t just cost you significant financial losses but takes a toll on your mental health. That’s why it’s important to take measures and implement proven strategies before it’s too late.

Advanced asset protection strategies from seasoned experts of Together CFO can help navigate privacy issues and protect your assets from unforeseen threats.

Let our team of expert tax advisors and accountants walk you through our proven, little-known advanced asset protection strategies that only elite billionaires use so you can safeguard your wealth and ensure your legacy lives on. 

Are you using these advanced strategies to fortify your assets against attacks?

As a multi-millionaire and high net worth individual, you need to go beyond the basic asset protection strategies without needing to give your assets away to a 3rd party lawyer or trustee.

You need more sophisticated techniques and advanced asset protection strategies, such as, complex trusts compared to the regular LLCs, asset protection trusts, domestic asset protection trusts, family limited partnerships, and more that unsophisticated advisors would use.

By implementing advanced asset protection strategies, you can safeguard your wealth and ensure your financial security, which will enable you to pass your wealth on to your family and heirs.

But there is a caveat. These strategies are often complex and require the guidance of experienced tax advisors and accounting experts to ensure they are implemented correctly and legally.

That’s where Together CFO can help build a customized strategy to provide advanced asset protection – the very same strategies elite billionaires use to protect their assets.

Book a call with our team of experts and discover how we can help safeguard your future with proven strategies.

The secret tax defiance strategy behind the $1 billion Kennedy family fortunes…

It’s no secret that the Kennedys have been able to preserve and pass their wealth and assets (dating back to 1927) through multiple generations…

One of the major reasons why they have successfully been able to do that is the advanced asset protection, trust and foundation structures they have been using for decades.

The bulk of the family’s wealth is held in dozens of trusts and foundations, some with over $25 million in assets. The single most critical reason why the family’s wealth is still around today is due to trusts and foundations.


Trusts and Foundation also protected the family's assets from lawsuits, creditors and frivolous claims. The Kennedy family’s fortune is largely insulated from the estate taxes by holding the assets in trusts and foundation, which are passed from generations to generations for decades, completely TAX FREE! 

What you have read is just the tip of the iceberg. This is “advanced tax strategy” at its finest, and I’m sure you’d want to leverage the same for your business fortunes and assets.

Book a call with one of the experts of Together CFO to discover how the elites have been able to defy taxes and safeguard their fortunes so easily with advanced asset protection strategies.

Together CFO has the proven systems, processes, and strategies  – all under one roof

The founder of Together CFO, KC Chohan, is a columnist in Forbes and featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News, NBC News, and more…

With Together CFO, you have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of a world-class team of accounting experts led directly by KC.

We have been leveling the playing field between the elite billionaires and high net-worth individuals (multi-millionaires) since 2016. The remarkable results that we have produced over the years for our clients give us the confidence that we can help you achieve the same.

The best part is… our process is absolutely transparent and there is no confusion. Simply book a call with one of our experts to walk through the process without any obligation.

Get advanced asset protection with the best accounting firm and tax preparation services.

Nobody does what we do at Together CFO, the way we do it. With us, you get a tailored strategy from beginning to the very end – including the creation of wealth to administering the trust, bookkeeping, consulting, tax filing, and more. A full white glove concierge experience.

We create a proven structure that covers the 4 major areas


Making sure you have solid and clean books is the foundation to having financial piece of mind, so you can make better financial decisions.

Strategic giving

Having the right team around you enables you to make better financial decisions for your company and your family

Advanced Asset Protection

From protecting you against potential lawsuits to minimizing tax obligations, maintaining privacy, and diversifying your assets, we have you covered.

Legacy Creation /
Generational Wealth

Build a meaningful legacy. Through strategic financial management, we empower you to make impactful decisions that will benefit you and your future generations