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Strategic giving will help you keep more of your money at a fraction of the cost.

Add a layer of finance strategy to your team to help you navigate the future and increase profits.

Strategic Financial Leadership

Having a Strategic giving plan can offer high-level of tax saving. This role complements a solid bookkeeping team by providing strategic financial leadership, optimizing capital allocation, enhancing investor relations, and refining long-term business strategies

The team that got you here, won’t take you where you want to be...

This is something that most entrepreneurs fail to realize, especially when it comes to your financial strategy.

You might have a ‘good enough’ accountant or bookkeeper on your team. But they do not have the expertise and the proven strategies to help you get where you want to be?

That’s where our experienced advisors, can help build a custom tailored plan and implement key strategies that put you ahead of your competition.

Strategic Giving

  1. Strategic Financial Leadership: While a bookkeeping team focuses on day-to-day transactional data, Strategic giving plan adds a layer of strategic financial planning, critical for 7 multi figure businesses
  2. Optimizing Capital Allocation: improve ROI by optimally allocating resources, aligning with your immediate goal of achieving quarterly lead generation targets and the long-term aim of stepping into a strategic leadership role.
  3. Specialized Knowledge:  offer insights and financial strategies tailored for your business type.

Together CFO has the proven systems, processes, and strategies – all under one roof

The founder of Together CFO, KC Chohan, is a columnist in Forbes and featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News, NBC News, and more…

With Together CFO, you have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of a world-class team of experts led directly by KC.

The remarkable results that we have produced over the years for our clients give us the confidence that we can help you achieve the same.

The best part is… our process is absolutely transparent and there is no confusion. Simply book a call with one of our experts to walk through the process without any obligation.

Save enormously on annual taxes with the best accounting firm and tax preparation services

Nobody does what we do here at Together CFO, the way we do it. With us, you get a tailored strategy from beginning to the very end – including creation of wealth, bookkeeping, consulting, tax filing, and more. A full white glove concierge experience.

We create a proven structure that covers the 4 major areas


Making sure you have solid and clean books is the foundation to having financial piece of mind, so you can make better financial decisions.

Strategic giving

Having the right team around you enables you to make better financial decisions for your company and your family

Advanced Asset Protection

From protecting you against potential lawsuits to minimizing tax obligations, maintaining privacy, and diversifying your assets, we have you covered.

Legacy Creation /
Generational Wealth

Build a meaningful legacy. Through strategic financial management, we empower you to make impactful decisions that will benefit you and your future generations