Side by Side    Situation Analysis    Tax Savings Audit


Show you how to STOP OVERPAYING on taxes

$20k minimum guaranteed savings

Must Pre-Qualify to work with us

Side By Side - Tax Savings Audit

$2,500 Deposit (fully refundable)*

If we cannot save you more than $20,000, we won’t just refund your money.  We will pay you $1,000


*Must be pre-qualified to work with us


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pre qualification?

You must have paid at least $200k per year in taxes, this cannot include taxes as a employee of the company

We have the right to refuse!

If we do not approve of the type of business you are running or the ways in which you are running it, we have the right to not work with you.

Capital Gain?

expecting to sell an asset and have a gain of over $1m, this could be a business, real estate, or any other type of asset.

We only work with a hand full of clients!

in order to maintain client satisfaction and our own internal high standards, we only onboard a few select clients per month. So even if you are accepted they may be a slight delay before we can get you fully onboarded.

$5,000 Deposit?

We class the $5,000 as a fully refundable deposit as if we cant show you how to save at least $20,000 we will fully refund you and also give you an additional $1,000 for wasting your time

Additional Support

For all additional questions please feel free to reach out to us at or call us at 424 255 5848

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