Come Play Golf With Me

I really enjoy consulting cool people while we’re golfing and having a good time doing so!

Afterward, we’ll grab lunch / dinner together and cigars in Beverly Hills, you will also get social media content created for you by our team.

There is nothing more important than building long lasting relationships with like minded entrepreneurs who are growing fast. Come to Los Angeles, CA to golf with me and one of my team for an entire Day in the beautiful sunshine of So Cal!

This an opportunity to get your questions answered by me, network and have fun playing golf on a beautiful top rated course. No golf experience is needed, I’m much more of a fine weather cigars and whiskey type of golfer.

Let’s talk tax savings, asset protection, tax free wealth transfer business improvements, investment strategies. Come learn how the elite billionaires are structured and how you can do the same thing.
During this time, we will hit the driving range, Golf 18 holes, have lunch / dinner in Beverly Hills and I will provide you some reels for social media content along with shouting you on on my instagram.


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Golfing with KC


Entity Structure: I will go through your current entity structure and discuss the tax benefits. I will ensure that you are set up in the correct entity structure based on what you tell me your goals are.

Asset Protection: Being a business owner comes with a lot of risks and liability. I want to make sure that if something were to happen, everything you worked so hard for is protected.

Tax Strategies: We will go over all the various tax strategies that you qualify for and what you can start changing today to keep more money in your pocket

Advanced Trust Strategies: As a multi 7-9 figure business owner there are certain tax strategies that make sense for you. These strategies we will go over with you will lower your over all tax bill, increase your passive income, and will show you how you can retire much quicker.
Ask me anything: feel free to ask any questions you may have about anything and ill be happy to share my thoughts and mindset on them

​Shout Out: ​I will post a shout for you and your business on my instagram page during our Golf Time together and provide you some social media reels to post on your page of the full day of golfing


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t know how to golf?

A: That’s not a problem at all! This is all about networking, consulting, and having fun.

Q: When will we golf?

A: Upon purchasing Kc’s team will contact you to schedule a date and time. Typically it will be on a Friday sometime between 9-11 AM PST.

Q: How many people will I be golfing with?

A: It will be a foursome. Kc, a member from Kc’s team, and two attendees. Attendees will spend 9 holes in Kc’s cart and 9 holes in Kc’s team member’s cart.

Q: Where will it be?

A: Everything will be held at Trump National Club Los Angeles in Rancho Palos Verdes, clubs can be rented if required. Driving Range, 18 Holes, and lunch / dinner.

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