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Are you frustrated
with your tax situation?

High-net-worth individuals want to lower their effective tax rate and keep more of what they make. But without a strategic and ongoing tax strategy, you end up paying more in taxes than the IRS expects you to. We design comprehensive tax structures that let you keep your hard-earned money and protect your family’s future.

Want to preserve your wealth but don’t have a strategy to protect what you’ve built?

We’ll create personalized tax and financial structures to ensure you and your family keep your hard-earned assets.

Want to discover how much you’ve been overpaying and how you can prevent losing more in the future?

We’ll design a strategy that’s typically only accessible by the ultra wealthy and reduce your taxable liabilities.

Want to sell an asset or transfer generational wealth but feel astounded by how much tax you’ll owe?

We’ll help you navigate the best options and create a structure that eliminates capital gains, inheritance, and probate taxes.

Creating comprehensive
tax-reducing structures

Protecting valuable assets and generational wealth

Building a legacy that honors your achievements

“We saved 71% by using Together CFO’s tax structure.”

Sean K

“We save hundreds of thousands every year by optimizing our taxes with Together CFO’s System. It’s also a secure way to pass on wealth to my family.”

Beth W

“Having this structure saved me millions by optimizing my capital gains when selling my business.”

Pat F

We’ll help you minimize your tax burden

The right tax strategy is critical to keeping more of what you make. Using our knowledge and expertise, our high-net-worth clients build generational wealth and ensure their family members, not the IRS, are inheritors of their hard work. We even offer all clients an unconditional risk-free guarantee. If you don’t save on taxes, we’ll simply refund you.

KC Chohan
Founder, Together CFO

Get a complimentary side-by-side tax return analysis

We’ll put in the time and resources to analyze your personal and business returns upfront because we’re confident that we can save you money. Contact us for a complimentary report that reveals how much you’ve been overpaying and to see an optimized structure that can save you money in the future.

KC Chohan
Founder, Together CFO

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