Managing the income you have earned is usually a strenuous task than that of earning it. It is mainly because managing the income includes various mind-stressing tasks such as investment plannings, tax savings, and the most intricate of all is tax planning and tax filing, especially in a country like the USA where tax guidelines are a bit complex to be understood.

A properly managed tax planning not only can help to manage your taxes but can also help you in finding ways to reduce taxes by getting in touch with various deductions and subsidies introduced by the Government. A tax consultant helps you to understand the guidelines of the IRS tax system and suggests the ways through which you can minimize your tax burden. Being a professional in the respective area, the ways suggested by him are both ethical and legal. 

The major functions of a tax advisor include preparing the tax return, filing the return, managing tax from various sources of income, guiding individuals on issues related to tax liabilities, inspecting and checking the tax records of their clients, and deducing the tax implications of marriages, births, deaths, divorces and other events in their client’s life.

Benefits of Hiring a Tax Consultant 

The tax advisor studies the accounts of your business and income statements to give personalized tax advice that varies from taxpayers to taxpayers. Hiring a professional tax consultant for your business or income management can be beneficial to you in many ways. Let’s see some of the major benefits of getting in touch with a pro in tax assessment.  

  1. Reduced Tax Calculation Burden

Individuals earn income from various sources and each income source has varying guidelines and rules to calculate the tax liability. This can be a tough deal for a layman who is not versed with the technicalities of the subject. A tax return preparer can help you in handling these complicated tasks by providing professional assistance. 

  1. Prevent the Chances of Errors

Having a firm grip on the tax rules and guidelines, a tax consultant provides you with resistance against any possibilities of errors in the tax calculation and return filing. The IRS maintains a list of common errors conducted by the individuals featuring errors like computation errors, errors in determining the taxable income, etc. these errors can cause a delay in the refund of your taxes. So to avoid such circumstances you can look for a tax accountant in Los Angeles, who can guide you with details.

  1. Expert’s Assistance

Tax preparation services require high proficiency as the IRS is a complex tax system with numerous specifications and guidelines. Having a tax return preparer by your side can make the process simpler and easier as he understands the subject minutely and acquires working experience in the respective fields.

  1. The legal and ethical approach

As an individual taxpayer, you do not bother much about the ethicalities or legalities of minimizing tax, but Being an amateur taxpayer there are possibilities where you may unknowingly conduct the illegal practices of tax evasion confusing it with legal and advisable tax planning. A trained and well-informed tax advisor will prevent you from conducting these indefensible mistakes.

Tips You Can Use To Find The Best Tax Advisor Near You

After getting known of the fact that a tax advisor can make the tax part of your life a bit serener by providing his adroitness in the subject of tax and laws, you must be prepared to hire one for handling your business’ tax and income management work. Statistics released by the Internal Revenue Services shows that from a total of 138 million taxpayers in the USA, around 58% of taxpayers rely on the tax consultants or advisory agencies to file their tax returns. 

Top Ways to Find the Tax Advisor

Finding the best tax advisor Los Angeles is an important task as he is going to have all the details of your incomes and statements, which you definitely cannot afford to get tempered at any cost. Therefore getting in touch with the best possible in this field becomes a sine qua non. 

Here are 7 important tips that you can use to find a good tax accountant near me.

1. Look Through the IRS Directory

IRS provides a preparer tax identification number (PTIN) to every paid tax preparer or consultant. Therefore you can find all the trusted tax advisors in one place. You can use the ZIP code of your area to find a tax advisor near me.

2. Consult with Friends, Families, and colleagues for a referral

Ask friends, families, colleagues, business associates, and other acquaintances for their referrals about financial advisors or CPA.  Tax advisors usually direct their works focusing on specific niches. Asking these known people will get you closer to such a tax advisor near you, who holds command of computing tax liabilities in similar fields. For instance, if you are a doctor, then consulting other associates will lead you to a tax advisor who is already working in your niche.

3. Check with the agencies

Several agencies help you find the best tax consultant in your area. These agencies cater to a large number of tax advisors and consultants who work as tax return preparers. You can ask them to find the best tax consultant near me according to your requirements. You can also esquire about various tax advisors and also ask them about the reviews they have received from previous clients.

4. Check out free tax-preparation amenities

The IRS sponsors programs like the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (T.C.E.), these programs are designed to assist people who have an annual income less than $56000 or are above the age of 60 years. Under these schemes, tax professionals are appointed by the IRS to render free tax preparation services near you to qualified people. The VITA/T.C.E.locator tool can be used to search for such professionals who provide tax preparation services Los Angeles.

5. Interview the prospect Tax Advisors

You can conduct an interview with the tax consultants near you that you have finalized for your work. This will help to know about their previous experiences and client diversity. You can also question them about their expertise and skills related to the respective matter.

6. Search Online Through Websites

The Internet has already contributed much to reducing the hassles of finding the bests near you. Some websites allow you to get in touch with the tax professionals near you. Websites such as,,,, and many others on this list help you to find the answers for your requirement that is “How to find a good accountant” by enabling you to enter the ZIP code of your area. These websites also prepare the lists featuring top-rated ‘tax advisors near me’ which are even helpful.

7. Look with your State and National Associations

Most of the State Boards of Accountancy and State CPA associations prepare the directories that provide information about the CPA functioning in your area. The National Association of Enrolled Agents is another such organization that maintains a record of Enrolled Agents (EA). You can satisfy your hunt for the best tax consultant near me by searching these online directories using specifications like location, niche, experience, etc. 

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