On this episode of The CEO Story,  I have Enoch Leffingwell. Enoch is an international speaker, #1 Best Selling Author of “I Want a Mentor, Now What Do I Do?”, and business advisor. He became an entrepreneur at age 10 and has experienced 15 failed business attempts before building a solid business where he mentors authors, speakers, coaches, and other high-level entrepreneurs on how to get paid a premium for their advice.

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Kc Chohan 0:00

Good morning. Thank you for listening to another episode of the CEO story, and we have a fantastic one for all you
viewers and listeners. Today, we have Enoch Leffingwell. Well, Who is quite a unique character. So Enoch helps
mentors get peered for giving their advice as well as being the best-selling Author as well as learning from some of the
best people in the business from Myron golden to Brendon Burchard and everyone in between. So. Enoch,
Thank you so much for taking the time to join us. How are you doing?

Enoch Leffingwell : Absolutely. I’m doing fantastic. It’s
getting better than last. I’m so glad to be here. Good to see you Kc
Kc Chohan 0:47
Yes, definitely. So we want to do a quick shout-out to our sponsors for sponsoring the podcast. We have two of
them today. We have Together CFOs. So thank you so much for serving high net worth people, money on their taxes,
and we have rolls Royce of Pasadena. Rusnak so thank you so much for sponsoring the podcast and allowing us to
bring amazing speakers like Edenic on. So in it for the people who aren’t familiar with you and your world, can
you just share a little bit about what you do? And how it works.
@EnochLeffingwell 1:17
Absolutely. So what I do is I help mentors to get authors, coaches, speakers, and other high level entrepreneurs
to get paid a premium for their advice. By, especially crafting a signature speech. One presentation that they
could share on 3000 different platforms without losing its power persuasion. And I do that through the courses,
books, and an implementation workshop to really dig deep into your messaging, extracting your signature stories and
being able to share an infinite sales message that just continues to keep giving. As a speaker, someone who’s
getting paid for their advice.
Kc Chohan 1:54
Fantastic. So that sounds really cool and very interesting. We will dig into how you got that. But let’s kind of
back up a little bit because you’ve been an entrepreneur since you were really young, around 10 years old, and.
Many things, both grit and some failures along the way. So kind of let’s talk about your journey, some of the
struggles, and then how you broke through and really digging into your mindset to get to where you are now a
super successful entrepreneur.
@EnochLeffingwell 2:23
Yeah. So I, like you mentioned, I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 10 years old and I’ve been fascinated with
digital marketing since I was about 12. And there’s just something about being able to have a, solve a solution to
people’s problems and being able to learn how to get that solution to the masses through marketing that has always
interested me. And in. Throughout my journey, I guess it’s been about 17 years now. I’ve had about 15 failed
business attempts. And there was a 16th business attempt that finally was able to take off to become a six-figure
family business. And when I look back at those FA 15 failed attempts, One thing that made the biggest difference
between the first 15 and the 16th. Was really finding a mentor, having a business mentor, who’s already found
their fortune, who is where I want to be, and then learning what they were doing. And once I started to apply
those principles that I’m learning from my mentor, that’s when things really started to change in my experience.
Kc Chohan 3:27
Yeah, I think that’s some great advice. And Tony Robbins says this a lot as well as w as well as many of the.
Coaches mentors. And what have you, is that. Find the right person that’s been there, done that, that can
accelerate your path to success. That’s kind of walling the t-shirt and can help you fast-track because there’ve
been through those pins. So that’s all good. And, well, I think most people have that as an idea. But can you give
us some tangible steps on how to find an actual mental that has been there and done that. And what has worked for
you and for your clients in the past?
@EnochLeffingwell 4:05
Yeah, most definitely. I would say that there is about five steps for getting anything that you want in life. And
finding a mentor is number one, you have to get extremely clear. On what it is that you want in life. Because
without a vision, people perish, and a lot of people are confused about where they’re going, what they want
and, and the things in life, and really whatever mentor that you that is available to you doesn’t really matter
until you’re really clear on where you’re going. And then once you get clear on that, number two is to find
someone who has the results that you want. So many people. Take advice from people who don’t have those results or
they take advice from. So like sometimes we have well intended. Family members that want to give us business or
financial advice, and they’ve never ran a successful company. And that’s doomed to repeat some, some difficult
times. So find someone who has the results that you want. And number three, I pay them whatever they charge to
find out what they did. And that’s either going to cost. You’re going to pay in time or you’re going to pay in
money. And if you want to go fast, then you want to pay and money. But if you want to go for free, it’s going to
cost you your time. So either way, it’s going to cost you something. But what I have realized is paying with money
with investing in books and courses and masterminds. Those are some really fast ways to accelerate
the results that we’re looking for. And then number four is to do exactly what they did. And I say that exactly
because. A good mentor is going to give you advice that is counterintuitive to you because if it already made
sense, you’d already be doing it. So 90% of good advice is, is not going to, it’s going to be counterintuitive. And
when we’re aware of that, Then it really helps. Following the steps or learning something different. The reason
why our mentors have a different results than us because they have different beliefs, they have, they’ve done
different things. So when we adopt that advice, we’re more likely to adopt, to replicate the success of others.
But when we’re like, nah, that’s not true. It doesn’t work that way. Then we’re always, we’re going to continue
down the same results that we’ve done. And the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and
expecting different results. Nothing changes if nothing changes.
Kc Chohan 6:29
So the fourth.
@EnochLeffingwell 6:30
Is to do exactly what they did. And then the fifth is continuing until, until you have the results that you want.
And that could take some perseverance. But it’s going to be worth it.
Kc Chohan 6:43
Absolutely. So some fantastic tips said, thank you for sharing all five of them. I totally agree with you. One of
the first things I do every year and then every quarter after that is to have a very clear and defined goal list.
I have a vision board, I do visualizations and meditations and have a whole morning routine. So I’m very. Clear
and purposeful on what success looks like for that. Day week, month, year, and then all the way out into the next
25 years. So I can really. Subconsciously, bring that into my own awareness. And then some of the other things
that you mentioned was to find someone who’s been there and done that. Absolutely agree with that. That makes
perfect sense because you don’t want to miss it’s better to buy other people’s mistakes and make those mistakes
@EnochLeffingwell 7:30
What are you willing to sacrifice? This
Kc Chohan 7:33
is really what I heard is because whether it’s time or whether it’s money. There’s always going to be some form of
sacrifice to get to that end result. And what are you willing to give up to get that? And the last point was
really, really valuable is. Don’t give up too soon. I think a lot of people. We’re so close to success, like you
mentioned, between the all. 15th and 16th business. If you haven’t tried, if you gave up. 15, you would never got
to that success of that number 16. I’m looking at Colonel Sanders. This is not age limit on this. You went to a
thousand plus dollars. Gotcha. And then the next dollar was, was a yes. So having that perseverance thing was a
grit word that you used. Are we. Really liked a lot of what, what you mentioned there. So when people feeling down
and they don’t have that right environment or the don’t have that right mindset, what are some of the things that
you’ve seen people do to kind of snap out of it and get into more of a positive. Frame of mind.
@EnochLeffingwell 8:39
Yeah. One of the things that I find is that. A lot of times when people are struggling, most struggling
entrepreneurs are looking for answers.
Kc Chohan 8:48
When I
@EnochLeffingwell 8:49
find the most successful entrepreneurs are looking for questions. ’cause a lot of times when you find the right
question, then it automatically has the answer. And the quality of our life comes down to the quality of the
questions that we ask ourselves. So when we change our question, we can change our lives dramatically. And one
question that we often ask that leads to really struggling and brings our mindset down in this spiral. It’s like,
well, what if I w we could be starting a project or starting a business, or we ask these questions? Like, what if
it doesn’t work? What if I do all of this effort and it does not work, but the truth is. That. All work works. As
in Proverbs, it says in all labor, there is pro. Profit. So it’s impossible for work, not to work. There’s a work
that it does on us and there’s a work that it does for us. And we think that if the work that we’re doing doesn’t
work for us, then it’s not working. But that if the work we’re doing is not working for us, that means that it’s
working on us and we have to allow it, the work to work on us until we could become the person. Who can do the
thing and have the results. So that’s instead of asking what if it doesn’t work start asking how awesome will this
be when it works? And what would you do if you knew that success was inevitable? If you knew that you could not
fail, how would you show up in your family, in your business, in the new project? What would you do differently?
What would you say? And then go do that. That’s some of the changing the question. It’s one powerful question that
I would suggest to get people out of a rut.
Kc Chohan 10:24
That’s really, really powerful. And ultimately what I’m hearing is you’re changing the lens and you’re asking
yourself better questions to put you in a state and you kind of future piss. And as if you’ve already done it and
already achieved it. And that’s a lot of what I do on a daily basis with my visualizations is how does it feel?
Lots. What’s it smell like, can I touch it and kind of actually be in that moment where the goal is actually
accomplished already. And then it’s just a matter of time to catch up from reality to that. Visualization. So I
really liked that a lot. So tell us a little bit more about. Company 16. And how you got to where you are now.
@EnochLeffingwell 11:04
Yeah. So what happened was I was in before I was a poor missionary homeless living in my car. And as I was doing
some mission work, I met. This is entrepreneurs that were doing some work over in Washington, DC. And they were
also really mission driven. And as I talked to them, like, how are you able to attract some. Such talented people.
How do you have so many different resources? And they explained to me how entrepreneurship taught them so many
lessons that were transferable. To be able to contribute, to causes they care about. And I’m like, wow, I want, I
want someone. I started praying that God would send me someone who understood entrepreneurship. Who was as like
mission-driven as I was, and who’d be willing to mentor me and was interested in health. And as I got really
clear, like we were saying, describing exactly what I wanted, then I started to be introduced to people who were
in the health and wellness space. And. That one of them showed me how I can start an online health food store. And
as I did, he introduced me to some millionaire mentors who started showing me what I can do to start taking off.
And as I was starting to grow in my business and building a team and in my communications, then there was people
like I had millionaires that were coming to me and like, what are you doing to, to grow? Like, how are you growing
so quickly? And as I started to kind of coach them or just reveal to them my process of what I’m doing, they.
Started telling their friends, they’re recording my trainings and going live on their shows and I’m like, wow.
Well, maybe there’s something to this. Maybe other entrepreneurs would be interested too. So in 2017 is when I
started to start coaching other entrepreneurs. And since then I’ve been. I’ve been helping them with like writing
books and speaking and starting their, their online businesses. And it’s really been a blast because after
speaking professionally for about nine years now, I’ve. Been able to travel the nation and, and internationally,
and the lessons, the experiences I’ve gained have been so rich rewarding, but now to be able to transfer that.
Never. There’s nothing like serving entrepreneurs, people who are messengers who have a message to go impact the
world. So it was very rewarding.
Kc Chohan 13:22
Really really interesting. So what I’m taking away from that is. You found some mentors increased your quality of
your circle, but ultimately you were. I’m in a lot of value because if they weren’t interested, if they didn’t.
Like what the, he had heard there, wouldn’t share it with their network and that kind of start the avalanche and
the ball rolling. So to speak. And from there, you kicked on into a few similar verticals, but ultimately. If we
boil it all down, it’s the value that you were added with in this. Example, it was the e-commerce side of things,
but then that exploded into having a system and a process that you could help. Teach people. And then that was
helping them get what they wanted, which was engagement likes, and kind of social media authority. So to speak as
well as being on stages, as well as sharing their message. So
@EnochLeffingwell 14:17
absolutely. It
Kc Chohan 14:18
all boils down to delivering more value. The more value you offer the marketplace, the more ultimately your words
as well. Right?
@EnochLeffingwell 14:26
Most definitely. And I would define an entrepreneur is one who finds and solves a valuable problem. And I say
valuable because not every problem pays the same when it’s solved. So you want to find a valuable problem that the
marketplace defines as valuable. Most entrepreneurs think that one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is
not knowing what business that they’re actually in. For instance, if someone’s offering books and writing books,
they think they’re in the book writing business, but in reality, you’re not in the book writing business, you’re
in the book marketing business. Because it doesn’t really matter how many books you write. If nobody knows that
they actually exist. So realizing whatever the product is that we have or the solution you’re not in that
solution, delivering business you’re in that solution marketing business. And when we understand that all
entrepreneurs are marketers, then it starts to really help us to shift our focus to things that really add value
in the marketplace.
Kc Chohan 15:23
Absolutely not. That’s really, again, back to the, the lens of how you view things, right. And making sure that
you are focused on the right thing, and you are seeing things as they are not worse or not better than they
actually are. But taking that on actually. So that’s actually a really good segue. And to talk a little bit, bit
about our sponsors together, CFO, and they actually add a lot of value on how you can save money on taxes. They
have a tax calculator on the website together, cfo.com. We’ll put the link below. And you can see how much you’d
be overpaying on taxes. Over 95% of people are all the pain on taxes. And this is one gray area where you can
instantly save money if you’re one of those 95%. So go check out that website.
Tell us a little bit more about how people can find you and a. Follow you on social.
@EnochLeffingwell 16:19
Yeah. One of the best ways to connect with me is, is through my book, the bestselling book I want to mentor now,
what do I do? It’s for authors, coaches, speakers, and other high-level entrepreneurs. To show them how they can
find a mentor and to be a mentor. And if you want to contact me, then go to, I want a mentor book.com and you can
grab a copy of the first three chapters and. There you’ll be able to see how to connect with me on social media as
well. I want to mentor book.com.
Kc Chohan 16:50
Okay. I want to mental book.com. We’ll put the link below as well. And everyone who’s stuck around this long.
Thank you for listening and watching the podcast. You can link to more. Podcasts up here or over here, if you
like, what you heard. Thank you so much for being with us today.
@EnochLeffingwell 17:08
Yeah, thank you for having me.

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